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Next Steps In The Process

  • Review Materials

    Please be sure to review the REIvault materials on the links below so that you're fully informed on what we do and how we do it.

  • Interview Call

    On our interview call, we will review your application together and answer any questions you may have about REIvault. Additionally, we'll share our insider" knowledge of the real estate market and help you analyze your current business model and marketing budget to determine the best strategy for success. Finally, we discuss your level of contribution to the group and the value of helping each other grow and prosper.

  • Signup

    It's official! You're ready to take your business to the next level and we both agree that there is potential for massive mutual benefit and you've been invited to join the REIvault community. This is when you become a member and we begin the process of integrating you into our "shared" systems and processes and prepare you for new leads and opportunities that will help your business grow!

  • Launch

    You've provided us everything we need to move forward and have begun the process of integrating our many systems including: mailing campaigns, phone #'s, lead management systems, and virtual assistants. You'll be ready to start having leads rolling your way in about 5-7 days. During this time, you'll be learning our systems by watching some required training videos and getting ready for all those new leads!

Steps to Success

What To Expect On Your Discovery Call

  • Our goal is to determine if we are a mutual fit to work together or not. Since REIvault is not a simple vendor service-for-hire, it's important we both feel comfortable with each other.
  • We will assess your current investing business, resources and systems and explain how we can add value by either complimenting your current setup or replacing it altogether.
  • We will explain how we're able to get investor-members setup and receiving calls from our outbound marketing in as little as 7-14 days.
  • We'll answer any questions you may have about our systems, people, processes and lead generation capabilities.
  • If we feel that we are not a fit, we will kindly tell you and explain why.
  • If we both feel we are a fit, we'll extend an invitation to join us and give you all the necessary information to put us to work for you.

What NOT To Expect On Your Discovery Call

  • No pushy, manipulative sales tactics or pressure whatsoever
  • If you are a no-show without notice we will not chase you.
  • If we call you at the designated time and you have not set aside time for our call in advance, we will assume you are not serious and will move to the next applicant in-line for your spot.

Who Is Your Team?

  • Gary Boomershine, CEO

    Gary has worked in a variety of emerging growth markets for more than 24 years in the Silicon Valley and India. He’s been successful in emerging markets and public markets in a broad range of industries including Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Private Lending, Enterprise Software, and High Tech Manufacturing.

    Gary’s early career was in management and technology consulting at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and in enterprise software sales. During the previous 10 years, he founded and operated both real estate acquisition and lending operations involved in hundreds of profitable property acquisitions, as well as a real estate marketing and software company that services over 1,500 real estate professionals across the United States. He co-founded Wealth Classes, an Inc500 Fastest Growing Company with it's Flagship Product, The Bankers Code. His most recent venture,, with the flagship platform "REIvault" made Inc500 Fastest Growing Company List for 2016 & 2017.

  • Wayne Jarrett, Integrator/COO

    Wayne has an extensive process, operations and delivery background with over 17 years at Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) and running operations for large scale ($500M+) application outsourcing deals in the high tech and financial services industries. He received his MBA from the University of the Pacific where he now serves on the Advisory Board for the Eberhardt School of Business. He’s been a buy and hold real estate investor and private lender for many years, and has recently started wholesaling.

  • Julia Jordan, Senior Success Planner

    As REIvault Senior Success Planner, Julia Jordan is focused and committed to helping members navigate, build and own their individual success path. Delivering a solution to the challenges of creating and growing a successful real estate business is one of her valuable skills. Service and integrity drive Julia to ask the questions that support members in getting their desired results.

    Julia has years of successful experience in both the ups AND the downs of the real estate market. She is an expert both as an investor and a financier having purchased, sold and invested in hundreds of properties.

  • David DuBois, Director - Platform Technology & Product Management

    Dave has over 25 years of experience with a diverse background in technology, program management, and engineering. He's worked for multiple start-ups, and spent 10 years working for a Fortune 500 company before venturing out and bootstrapping his own business. Dave is adept at understanding business needs and how to effectively apply technical solutions for optimum results.

  • Brad Costanzo, Marketing Strategist

    Brad Costanzo is a marketing strategist, real estate investor and private lender with extensive experience in lead generation both offline and online marketing. Brad has an extensive background working with some of the largest real estate investor companies in North America. Brad is a key goto guy for our direct response marketing campaigns, our "No Seller Left Behind" strategy, and our PPC and Facebook Campaigns utilized internally and externally by our Members.

  • Darren Wassell, Strategy Planner

    Darren brings his 15 years of real estate experience to REIvault to work alongside our new and current members to ensure their success while also marketing to and managing his own real estate market just like our members. Darren works with REIvault Members on their initial Sales and Marketing Strategy and ongoing Account Reviews and makes himself available multiple times during the week for Office Hours with our Members. Darren is an Active Wholesaler in several markets. In his downtime he enjoys creating memories with his wife and 3 kids in Northern California.

  • Munish Gaur, Member Success Director

    Munish brings over 15 years of diverse experience across Operations, Business development, Client management and Project management. For 3 years Munish worked with Barclays Bank managing their International Banking in India and 2 years in the role of Business Change Management in UK. For 2 years, he transitioned multiple projects for Ernst & Young, India. Munish has also worked for Sprint Telecom, in the capacity of Operations & Clients management. He holds a masters in Events Management. In his free time he loves to explore new places, experience new cultures & foods with his wife.

  • Kay Nelson, Accountant

    Kay has over 18 years experience in Finance andn Accounting, and has worked with Gary Boomershine for last 10 years. Prior to that she worked in the Mortgage industry providing accounting services. Kay is an avid Quilter in her spare time.

  • Sara Gaur (Shimpy), Finance and Operations Admin Lead

    Sara brings over 15 years of diverse experience across Operations, Customer Service, Collections & Quality monitoring. She has been in the system for over 5 years and was part of the VA Lead Processor team as a Team Leader. Sara has worked with Barclays for 5 years as a Quality Analyst in Credit Card Collections Department. She has also worked with Accenture, British Airways & EXL Services. In her free time she loves to explore new places, experience new cultures & cuisines with her husband.

  • Lorelei Dannah Cuaresma, Support Specialist

    Dannah is one of the Support Specialists with REIvault and also works closely with the Success Team in accepting new members. She is based in the Philippines and has extensive work experience in Customer Support. Before working as a Virtual Assistant in 2012, she worked for JP Morgan Chase & Co. as a financial service advisor and other US based companies.

  • June Beja, Team Leader - Sales Ninja Phone Team

    Experienced in Communications Coaching with a flair for compassionate mentoring, REIvault Sales Ninja Phone Team Leader June upholds and nurtures fellow VAs, enabling them to step up their game and encouraging them to be their best authentic selves whether in the workplace or in their personal lives. Her commendable people skills enable her to provide effective team trust and management. She works with the Success Team for new applications as a Screener. She has extensive work experience in Customer Care and Sales as she has been passionately working in the field of Call Center Technology and Support since 2009 . She believes that accountability, productivity and happiness can co-exist at work. She enjoys nature-trekking and road trips with her son.

  • Neeraj Dubey, REIvault CRM Systems, Technology & Data Analytics Senior Manager

    Neeraj has an extensive technology background with over 15 years of experience. Neeraj was a key designer and technology manager for the original (SalesTeamLive) direct response marketing engine which has mailed over 14,000,000 pieces of direct mail and has powered thousands of real estate investors direct marketing over the years. Neeraj and his team have worked with several of the largest real estate hedgefunds in the United States, including Waypoint, Starwood group, and Colony America on a variety of projects relating to property management, property marketing, data and analytics and has been a core team member of the Waypoint-Starwood and Colony America merger which acquired over 20,000 properties in the United States. Neeraj oversees the technology and support teams that power the REIvault platform for it's members. Prior to the real estate industry, Neeraj worked as a Technical Manager for a few companies like Hero Group India, Netcom Africa Limited Nigeria, Spanco Telesystems India. Neeraj is both a technologist and entrepreneur at heart and has worked with Gary Boomershine for over 8+ years and behind the scenes for the REIvault Members.

  • Shweta Dubey, Manager - VA Lead Processor Team

    Shweta has been efficiently managing the team of 14+ VA Lead Processors since 2012 with 99.6% error free processing. Her team is responsible to process and enhance the leads in Podio. They are processing about 3500+ leads and 3000+ tasks per month. She is also a trained Indian Classical Singer who regularly performs with All India Radio and live events organized by the Indian government. In her free time she likes to spend quality time with her family and teach classical music to kids. Qualification: Masters in Ancient Archeological Indian History.

  • Pushkar S, REIvault Member Services & Support and Campaign Management

    Pushkar S has an extensive technology background with over 15+ years in Data and List Management, Analytics, Scoring Algorithms, and Database design. Pushkar manages the primary REIvault Member Services, Turnup and Support Teams, and Marketing Campaign Teams. Pushkar has a continuous track record for 99.7% error free campaigns, managing over 500,000 pieces of direct mail and over 250,000 monthly Podio transactions per month that continues to grow. Pushkar's Team is responsible for the success turnup and support of our Member's REIvault Podio CRM, upgrades and technology integration to give our Member's a competitive advantage over their competition. Pushkar has a relentless lovefor all the technical behind the scenes nuts and bolts and constent attention to quality and detail that allows our members to have confidence that their marketing will go out on time and on budget which is the lifeblood of the marketing platform. Pushkar has worked with Gary Boomershine for over 8+ years and a key contributor for the original (SalesTeamLive) direct marketing engine which has mailed over 14,000,000 pieces of direct mail and has powered thousands of real estate investors direct marketing.

  • Abhishek Saxena, Software/Tech Lead

    Aby, as his friends call him, is responsible for REIvault Podio Platform and Podio Professional Services and Integration. Aby has an extensive background in technology and integration and has worked for several of the largest real estate hedge funds in the world, including Waypoint, Starwood and Colony America. Aby and his team are the key designers for technology integration with Podio and other tools, including Twilio (SMS text messaging), SlyBroadcasting, and other key tools for REIvault Members. Aby is the lead technology manager for REIvault Podio Professional Services which manages customizations and new features for REIvault Members. In his spare time, Aby is a lead technologist for several large call centers and a travel agency ticketing company that compete with Expedia and other online travel agencies.

  • Shawn McKnight, Vision Tech Team Project Manager

    Shawn has an extensive background in management and 5+ years of project management experience in the web design, development and direct response marketing industry. He leads an international team of designers and developers at Vision Tech Team in the design, development and maintenance of REI’s critical online digital marketing assets and overall web presence. He and his team also provide strategic consultation in the online marketing arena, specifically around the creation of scalable, automated marketing funnels.

    He holds a BA in Information & Computer Sciences from Covenant College. In his free time, Shawn enjoys a good game of pocket billiards and recently captained his team to compete in the APA World Pool Championships in Las Vegas, NV. He also enjoys being a new father, music, singing and playing outdoors.

  • Willie Hooks, Performance Coaching

    Willie C. Hooks is the CEO of JTE Associates, a Performance Coaching and Organizational Development Consulting Company. Previous to his current work, Mr. Hooks held a lengthy tenure as vice president in major high technology corporations on both the east and west coasts.

    Mr. Hooks is a Master Coach, who trains, develops and certifies qualified individuals to become performance coaches. He is an acknowledged pioneer in developing effective personal, business and entrepreneur’s coaching methodologies, tools and techniques, all of which have a reliable and tested psychological foundation supporting increased results in breakthrough performance coaching.

    Mr. Hooks has built his Entrepreneur Success Program on the foundation of his highly recognized expertise in practical application for personal effectiveness, business effectiveness, leadership, and inner game mastery, all of which are at the heart of the Entrepreneur Success Program. Mr. Hooks continues to share his business knowledge and operational expertise by serving on the boards of several fast growing companies.

  • Wilts Alexander, Performance Coaching

    A recognized leader in the field of organizational transformation and leadership development, Wilts has devoted the last decade of his career to mastering the art and science of coaching Executives and business owners to achieve higher levels of Leadership and Effectiveness. As the president of Alexander, Scott & Associates and senior partner in Service Transformation Group, he has influenced the development of American, European and Asian companies and their leaders. This global experience allows him to understand the roles, responsibilities and requirements of being an effective executive in a dynamic market place. His coaching style and coaching expertise allow him to be very effective in working with busy executives and entrepreneurs.

    Wilts has been instrumental in developing and applying practical techniques in developing high performance organizations and leaders. His early work in Procter and Gamble and with leading thinkers (including Peter Senge, Lou Davis, Jim Taylor, Jim Selman, William Passmore, Richard Beckhard and Richard Walton) influenced his introduction of designing and leading high-performance organizations as a pioneering approach that produce paradigm shifts in the corporate world. This methodology has been a strategic program for leadership development and growing the leadership pipeline for many companies.

    An acknowledge management coach, consultant and facilitator, he continues to support the development of high potential managers to bridge the gap between their current position and ambitions. Wilts’ passion is to transform managers and entrepreneurs into leaders by improving their ability to think systemically, to focus on value creation, to design and develop high performance organization, improve execution and manage the soft side of change.

    Wilts has coached Vice Presidents and Senior Directors at The Coca-Cola Company, Ford Dealerships, and University of Alabama just to name a few. His current clients include The Coca-Cola Company, Prestige Ford, Delicias Andinas Food Corporation, Ceves Agro Food Products, Dobrin Construction and Real Estate Corporation and a number of SMBs.

  • Randall Taussig, EOS Coaching

    Randy is an entrepreneur and has served on executive teams, managing sales and operations for privately held organizations ranging from $5M - $150M. His passion is helping business leaders reach their BIG business goals.

    He joined the family business (Sucrest Corporation) after graduating from the University of Delaware. He worked in Finance and Marketing, then in Operations after a earning his M.B.A. - helping grow the business both organically and through acquisition, until its sale to a larger food conglomerate. He then ran marketing and sales for a $40M pharmaceutical packaging business, led marketing and operations for a national trade association and built two consulting practices. As founder of BlueCore Leadership, he now helps entrepreneurs simplify, clarify and achieve their vision. He is also a private pilot who is passionate about flying, with over 1,500 flight hours accumulated both personally and for business.

  • Rick Walsh, Technical Coaching

    Rick is an active Real Estate investor with over 20 years of experience. His real estate background runs the gamut, from wholesaling, holding rental properties, to fix and flips. Rick has a passion for creating wealth through real estate and loves helping others to do the same. In addition to managing his own rental portfolio, he owns a growing Property Management company in suburban Philadelphia.

Who We Serve

250+ of the most successful real estate investors in the country are part of the REIvault "Shared Service"

We are an exclusive group of real estate professionals, investors, lenders and agents who utilize a "shared services" business for finding off market deals and having our platform run on auto pilot

Who This is For

REIvault is an exclusive, invite-only service for investors who meet the following criteria

  • Active, serious or committed investors who are are currently marketing for motivated sellers in their markets.
  • Investors who understand that to scale a business up effectively they must leverage systems, processes and teams so that they may focus on revenue generating activities
  • Investors who understand how to talk to motivated sellers when put on the phone with them (our systems and services guarantee a large amount of seller leads and ideal members are comfortable talking to sellers).
  • Investors who are tired of working “in” their business instead of “on” their business.

Who This Is NOT For:

Unfortunately, not every investor is a mutual
fit for REIvault.

  • If you are brand new to real estate investing, have never done a deal and don’t actively market for motivated sellers now, we are probably not a good fit.
  • Investors with zero marketing budget or resources to invest in lead generation and business systems.
  • Scarcity-minded or know-it-all investors who wish to micromanage every aspect of their business and refuse to accept guidance.
  • Investors who are unwilling to collaborate with non-competitive members inside REIvault, sharing what’s working best and helping others by sharing their knowledge.

REIvault Members Are Elite Investors
Who Leverage Proven Systems











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