How We Work

REIvault gives both Investors and agents a
complete "plug and play" marketing and
acquisitions team.

Sales and Marketing DONE-FOR-YOU

REIvault gives both investors and agents the power of a 40 person marketing & sales department without having to hire or manage a single person for the equivalent cost of one resource.

You provide a budget and a list of zip codes and our expert team will deliver the results you desire as a real estate entrepreneur: an abundant supply of prescreened, motivated sellers!

We are the only company that gives you the managed systems, trained shared resources and proven processes that allow you to focus on the money making activities of closing deals.

For the first time, individual investors have the ability to truly scale their businesses and reach 6 or 7 figures without having to add a single employee.

What's Included

Proven marketing, lead generation, systems, standardize processes, and trained Virtual Assistants for professional real estate investors, agents and lenders.

Package Options

Other services outside of REIvault simply give you the CRM system, some training on how to use it, and support in case you run into issues setting it up on your own (which inevitably happens). REIvault does more to help you grow your business by removing you from activities that drain you time and allowing you to focus on the things that increase you bottom line.

How is this done? Through out follow-up drip campaign system that ensures no seller is left behind and a skilled phone team to call, screen, qualify, and schedule appointments. You'll be closing more deals in less time with less work.

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Monthly Membership




Your Desired Result

Seller Appointments & CEO Coaching 

Seller Appointments

Leads Ready for Your Team to Call

Minimum Commitment

90 days

90 days

90 days

Initial Setup Fee




Initial 90 Days (Includes Initial Setup Fee)




Discount if Paid Annually




-or- Prepaid Annually***




Equivalent per hour (full time)**





REIvault Podio CRM

"The Vault" Training & Membership Site


"The Vault" Blueprint & 6 Week FastTrack Coaching Program

3 Day Live Businesss Builder 
& Mastermind Summit

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Market Exclusivity And Custom Mailing Lists

Marketing Execution

Mail Fulfillment (Guaranteed Lowest Price)

VA Research & Comparable Reports

No Seller Left Behind Follow-Up System

Text & Slybroadcast 'Drip' Follow-Up Campaign System

Motivated Seller Script & Webform

"Sales Ninja" Inbound Phone Team




"Sales Ninja" Outbound Phone Team


Sales & Marketing CEO Dashboards & KPIs


Formal Account Reviews

Sales & Marketing Office Hours

Live Podio Training

Private Facebook Community

Member Services & Support


REInvent 7 Figure Acceleration  Coaching Program



REInvent - Business Performance Scorecard



*No Monthly for Initial 12 Months, then $147 a month or $197 a month including CallRail Phone Package       **based on paid annually        *** discount does not apply to initial setup fee

Mail Rates

We Guarantee The Lowest Rates.
If we can't beat it, we'll use your mail house.

Postcards for as little as 36¢ and Yellow Letters for as little as 50¢ or less AND can include phone number, minutes, voicemail transcription, & text messages.
 If we can't do it for less, we'll use your mailhouse.

​​​​Over 34 Million

Pieces of Mail Sent

​​​​As many as

100,000 PIECES

mailed each day 
via USPS

Sales Ninja PRO

Sharpen Your Sales Skills,

Close More Deals


  • Turn any lead processor or VA into your personal Sales Ninja
  • Get your team ready and trained in minutes, not weeks or months
  • Use 5+ proven scripts for cold calling, follow-up, and lead qualification
  • Full integration into REIvcault Podio System
  • Developed and used by some of the top real estate professionals in the industry


Don't leave money
on the table.

We have found that 80% of deals close between the 5th and 12th contact with the seller. Our Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow-up Campaign System automatically keeps your offer in front of them long after other investors have stopped following up and is reponsible for more closed deals with less effort.



When the Lead status changes, it triggers a new campaign


all content is prewritten


There are dozens of prebuild follow-up campaigns plus a customizable option

Sales Ninja Phone Team

Lead Processing, Screening, Qualifying, Appointment Setting and Follow-up

Getting leads to call is only half the battle. What happens on the phone, to qualify and create rapport is what closes deals. But handling every phone call yourself can be an exhausting waste of time. That's why we build the Sales Ninja Phone Team to serve as your own professionally trained and experienced team of "inside sales agents."

Our Sales Ninja Phone Team professionals are highly trained and scripted. They cover all time zones 24/7. Imagine the results you'll get from having a dedicated team that is continuously calling, screening, qualifying, appointment setting, and following up on all your leads. Plus, it's all automated and managed for you.


  • Seller leads are automatically "pushed" to the phone team where the leads are worked for you
  • Inbound calls can be answered live for you
  • Call back hang-ups until they're reached
  • Call back good leads and screen, qualify and schedule appointments for you
  • Outbound cold calling from our proprietary lists, new lists or ones you provide automatically scrubbed against the "Do Not Call" list
  • Proven scripts
  • Weekly activity reports
  • Utilize and autodialer system to get 10x the results with 1/2 the effort

What's  Included

  • 5+ 'Pre-built' Sales Ninja Webforms Scripts
  • Leads automatically 'Pushed' to Sales Ninjas
  • Leads automatically 'Removed' from Sales Ninjas
  • Local Outbound # matching Sellers Area Code
  • Instant manual 'Push' of Seller Leads from Podio
  • Instant manual 'Remove' of Seller Leads from Podio
  • Podio Integrated with Five9 Autodialer
  • Lead worked continuously until contact is made
  • Weekly Call Reports
  • Weekly Change of Outbound Phone Numbers
  • Dials/Live Connection Data into Scorecard (REInvent Only)
  • Sales Ninja Manager Weekly Office Hours
  • Optional Appointment Setting to Your Calendar
  • Automatic notification when Max Lead Limit Reached
  • Optional pause option when Max Lead Limit Reached
  • Tiered Pricing when Max Lead Limit Reached
  • Higher volume Lead Packages available (20-30% discounts)
  • Direct Connection to Sales Ninja(s)
  • Outbound Cold Calling New Lists

Join The Team!

250+ of the most successful real estate investores in the country are part of the
REIvault “Shared Service”

We are an exclusive group of real estate professionals, investors, lenders and agents who utilize a "shared services" business for finding off
market deals and having our platform run on auto pilot.

Get Started

  • Apply

    The initial application allows us to screen for the best candidates for REIvault. This step is critical as it allows us to understand your current business and determine if your're a potential member of REIvault. Our initial screening process is designed to be fair to both you as a potential member and for us as an organization. We'll review your experience, your available marketing budget and confirm that your desired geographic market is open to new members. Click Here To Apply

  • Schedule

    You like what you've seen in our (on demanding) training, listened to our success stories and read through the FAQ's and it looks like becoming a member of REIvault can add massive value to your business. You'll schedule an appointment and we'll begin the interview phase of our process.

  • Interview Call

    On our interview call, we will review your application together and answer any questions you may have about REIvault. Additionally, we'll share our insider" knowledge of the real estate market and help you analyze your current business model and marketing budget to determine the best strategy for success. Finally, we discuss your level of contribution to the group and the value of helping each other grow and prosper.

  • Signup

    It's official! You're ready to take your business to the next level and we both agree that there is potential for massive mutual benefit and you've been invited to join the REIvault community. This is when you become a member and we begin the process of intergrating you into our "shared" systems and processes and prepare you for new leads and opportunities that will help your business grow!

  • Launch

    You've provided us everything we need to move forward and have begun the process of integrating our many systems including: mailing campaigns, phone #'s, lead management systems, and virtual assistants. You'll be ready to start having leads rolling your way in about 5-7 days. During this time, you'll be learning our systems by watching some required training videos and getting ready for all those new leads!

Dont Take Our Word For It

  • "I wanted to let you know that the list you guys have is almost as good as Chick-fil-A lemonade. I never had a list where the sellers call you wanting to give you their house and first born. I'm not a big course or program guy. But there can't possibly be a better program than this REIvault. I've made 6 figures off you list alone this year. Man, you have totally transformed my business. I was totally lost without you and didn't even know it."
    UPDATED: Fast forward now, I made over $960,00 in wholesale profits from REIvault in 2017. These guys rock!

    Nasar El-Arabi - North Carolina

  • "Before we started working with you, we were the model of inconsistency... Our revenues reflected it... what really pushed us over the edge. ...The concept if let's leverage into what other people are doung and it's only going to continue to get better as the community grows ...We locked up a deal on the very first mail drop... we're expecting as that pipeline builds that ROI to get bigger and bigger."

    Justin Lee - Washington

  • "It's great that I get home, I can open up my laptop, and I already know what I need to do, which is talk to the sellers. The V.A.s do a phenomenal job getting the information, pulling up the property information, so even before I call the seller, I have everything in front of me It's pretty much all being done for me and I'm focusing on talking to sellers, talking to buyers, and putting deals together. Hands down to it's the best investment I've made when it comes to my real estate business."

    Freddy Escorcia - Dade County, FL