What Can REIvault Do For You?

An easier question to ask is "What CAN'T We Do For You?"

By using an innovative "managed marketing services" model, we've become the missing link between the business you have and the business you want.

For the first time, even individual investors, working alone  have the ability to truly scale their business to high 6 or 7 figures without having to add a single employee.


For cost of one full time virtual assistant, investors provide a monthly marketing budget based on their deal goals and a simple list of target zip codes to us. 

Our expert team then goes to work to deliver a consistent supply of qualified appointments with pre-screened, motivated and ready sellers that you can close.

As a result, many of our investors tell us that we make getting appointments with motivated sellers as easy as shopping on Amazon… fast, simple and affordable.

And with our CEO business coaching program, REInvent, we help 10x your results with half the effort, giving you time to enjoy your success.

For the first time, individual investors, working alone, now have the ability to truly scale their business to high 6 or 7 figures without having to add a single employee.

REIvault Members Are Elite Investors
Who Leverage Proven Systems

Clay Manship

“Why I think it’s ok to be Boring……we’ll probably do $2.1 Million just in boring direct mail from REIvault…..”

Brett Buras

Brett Buras on track for $300,000+ and over 5x ROI during the first 90 days with REIvault. Brett shares “…I could offload all the responsibility for managing the lists, messaging, calls, leads, etc and truly partner with someone to help me do all that…..we view you guys as part of the team”


“Trying to figure out the direct mail piece of my business has been quite a challenge, takes a lot of time, you don, know the words…..when introduced to REIvault, I thought, ‘Wow, this sounds almost to good to be true” , but now ….they just manage everything. I get to do my own Real Estate Investing business now and don’t have to worry about envelopes, picking lists, wondering if the words are right….”


“they just put me in front of motivated sellers RElvault has totally transformed my business and I was able to grow….”

Javier Hinojo

“I’ve been a part of REIvault since January, so roughly seven months, and it’s helped automate all of my processes that I didn’t have time to do myself. I wanted to really grow because if you’re not growing, you’re dying. So I got to the point in my business where I really needed to grow and REIvault was the best decision I’ve made for my business. I’ve multiplied (my business) ten times over, we’re hitting all of our goals, and I’m very excited!”

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