Who We Serve

Who This is For

REIvault is an exclusive, invite-only service for investors who meet the following criteria

  • 1Active, serious or committed investors who are are currently marketing for motivated sellers in their markets.
  • 2Investors who understand that to scale a business up effectively they must leverage systems, processes and teams so that they may focus on revenue generating activities
  • 3Investors who understand how to talk to motivated sellers when put on the phone with them (our systems and services guarantee a large amount of seller leads and ideal members are comfortable talking to sellers).
  • 4Investors who are tired of working “in” their business instead of “on” their business.

Who This Is NOT For:

Unfortunately, not every investor is a mutual fit for REIvault.

  • 1If you are brand new to real estate investing, have never done a deal and don’t actively market for motivated sellers now, we are probably not a good fit.
  • 2Investors with zero marketing budget or resources to invest in lead generation and business systems.
  • 3Scarcity-minded or know-it-all investors who wish to micromanage every aspect of their business and refuse to accept guidance.
  • 4Investors who are unwilling to collaborate with non-competitive members inside REIvault, sharing what’s working best and helping others by sharing their knowledge.

REIvault Members Are Elite Investors
Who Leverage Proven Systems














"We had an almost immediate return on investment!" "....setting up the mail packages was costing me around $10 or more and about 20-30 minutes time... now I just push a button...saving time and saving money..."

"What happens after I become a member?"

"...the majority of these sellers that are calling, we're the only piece of mail that they have received.... that's really helped us have an advantage.... it's really surprised us"

"On track to make six figures off of this first mailing."

"It just flat out works...I can focus all of my time on making deals."

"It has gone beyond my expectations"

"I am so happy and so glad I made the decision to do this because it has gone way beyond my expectations. ...."You have theprogram. You got the phones ringing, There's no doubt about that."

"I couldn't even imagine taking on the things that you guys are doing, we're leveraging your horsepower to make our marketing that much better"

On our very first mail drop...we locked up a deal, we've got a bunch of other deals in the pipeline...the support has been great... we have no complaints whatsoever. ...everything's been fantastic...we've definitely got a fantastic ROI ... we're expecting that ROI to get bigger and bigger...

"Sorry to bother you man. But I wanted to let you know that the list you guys have is almost as good as Chick-Fil-A lemonade. I never had a list where the sellers call you wanting to give you their house and first born. I'm not a big course or program buy. But there can't be possibly be a better program than this Rei vault. I've made 6 figures off your list alone this year. Man, you have totaly transformed my business. I was totally lost without you and didn't even know it."

Nasar El-Arabi

REIvault is a game-changing resource for me. It serves as my entire back-office marketing department and allows me to focus solely on talking to motivated sellers without worrying about pulling lists, stuffing envelopes, generating leads or worrying if I'm missing out on deals.

If REIvault was around when I started investing in real estate over 10 years ago, I would have flipped 10X the number of houses by now!

Bob C.

"Before we started working with you, we were the model of inconsistency... Our revenues reflected it... what really pushed us over the edge. ...The concept if let's leverage into what other people are doung and it's only going to continue to get better as the community grows ...We locked up a deal on the very first mail drop... we're expecting as that pipeline builds that ROI to get bigger and bigger."

Justin Lee

"You just login each morning and you've got new leads there."

"If you're trying to do marketing without a system you're kind of crazy."

Travis G.

"It's the best investment I've made when it comes to my Real Estate.""It's great that I get home, I can open my laptop and I already know what I need to do, which is talk to the sellers... ...the VAs do a phenomenal job, getting the information, pulling up the property information, so even before I talk to the seller I have everything in front of me... so when I'm calling these people I already know where I need to be from a price standpoint .... I'm focusing on talking to sellers, talking to buyers, and putting deals together.... You still have to work, you still have to put the deals together, but Cris and Gary just make it really easy."

Freddy Escorcia

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