Podio User Pricing

Globiflow was recently purchased by Podio (Citrix). With REIvault being one of the largest users of Globiflow, we have now been acknowledged as a vertical partner under the new Podio (Citrix) relationship and provided with unlimited Globiflows. The unlimited Globiflows is huge as it will allow for greater flexibility in designing future features — some of which are in the new REIvault/Podio 4.0.

GlobiFlow is the behind the scenes technology used extensively for the advanced workflow automation of business processes across the REIvault Podio solution. To keep the REIvault Globiflow flows live for our customers and our internal organization, we were required to upgrade all our organizations and underlying workspaces to Podio Premium.

To keep pace with the increased cost structure, we will now begin charging monthly for additional users within each member workspace at $19/user vs the standard $24/user pricing for Podio Premium. The pricing changes are outlined below: