"Pause" Mailings vs. "System Only" Membership

  • "Pause" Mailing vs. Downgrading Membership to "System Only"
    • REIvault Membership will remain "Active" unless Downgraded to "System Only" or "Cancelled" per the Terms of Service and the signed EULA (Agreement) - End User License Agreement
    • "Pausing" any Mail Campaigns requires the REIvault Member to issue a "Change Request" or send an email to Support@REIvault.com in writing. A Support Ticket will be created and provided to member upon any request and an email will be responded to by REIvault Support upon completion. Members should allow 48 Hours (2 Business Days) for any "Pausing" of direct mail campaigns, per the Terms of Service and the signed EULA (Agreement) - End User License Agreement. The REIvault Support Team will alway attempt to respond faster, however there are a substantial number of moving parts behind the scenes.
    • There are absolutely no refunds on direct mail. REIvault works to guarantee the lowest cost mail to it's members and there are print costs, postage, and mailhouse fees. There will be no refunds, so advanced notice is critical to ensure any mailings are paused. Per the Terms of Service, everything we do will be in writing via a Support Ticket to ensure the highest quality of service and to reduce errors. Remember, we are extension of your team and not a vendor. Please be as clear in your Change Request and emails to Support@REIvault.com especially when dealing with direct mail and Upgrading or Downgrading membership. We have built processes to escalate these and know time is of the essence. We're here to help.
    • If sending an email to Support@REIvault.com "Pausing" your mailings, please make sure to be clear in the email and specify if you want ALL your mailings paused, just specific Campaigns paused, or only your Seller and/or Buyer lead generation campaigns and not follow up. If in doubt, our team will either respond back or pause ALL your mailings. Please provide the date you'd like to start back up your mail or mention"indefinitely." Be as clear as possible.
    • If you are downgrading your REIvault Membership to "System Only", please do so Here or email Support@REIvault.com with the words "Please downgrade to System Only". Please NOTE, that ALL charges related to ALL mailings, VA Lead Processing, and Add-Ons will be stopped. Any semi-exclusivity with your Campaigns and Zip Codes will be removed and made available for other members. Due to the nature of our service, "System Only" REIvault Members will need to stay "System Only" for a minimum of 60 Days. When ready to reactivate, please email Support@REIvault.com. Please allow upto 48 hours (2 Business Days) for REIvault Support to downgrade your service. Please expect 7 business days to reactivate and begin your marketing once "Active" again.
    • If you have downgraded your REIvault Membership to "System Only", the relevant monthly fees will be reflected automatically on your next regular billing cycle. For example, if you request to change your REIvault Membership to "System Only" on the 18th day of your billing cycle, we will downgrade your Membership and you will be automatically charged any fees for "System Only" beginning on the 30th day ("the next regular billing cycle") and then every 30 days thereafter until you Request to Change your Membership back to "Active" or "Cancelled".