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If you're seeing this page, you probably were watching an interview with Scott Corbett (Lightmark Media) and Gary Boomershine from REIvault on how to maximize your results and profits using "No Seller Left Behind" follow up techniques including automated Text and Slybroadcast drip follow up campaigns, handwritten Follow Up Yellow Letters, Phone Calls using a trained Sales Ninja Phone Team, etc.

Here are some tools and free stuff and other links from Gary Boomershine and The REIvault Team.  Feel free to connect with us to learn more about REIvault:  a Virtual Sales & Marketing Agency for Investors and Agents getting the equivalent of a 40 person expert sales and marketing team for the cost of one resource.

Tools and Free Stuff:

1)  The highest performing follow up letter available:  Our Follow Up Yellow Letter

2)  Our Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow Up System  (blog posting & video)

3)  The Ultimate "Motivated Seller Script & Webform" & Lead Sheet, sample calls, etc.

4)  Our Lead Calculator we use to estimate marketing budget and results & metrics

5) Our EOS Traction model tailored for the REI niche (called REInvent 7 Figure Acceleration Program).  I thought this might be helpful as a lot of you are implementing EOS/Traction in your business and we have been doing this with some of our members getting super results.  â€‹Video on our Model & Overview of the Program.

Hope these help.  Connect with us on Facebook as we'd love to hear your results.


Gary Boomershine