Want 10x the Results with Half the Effort?

It’s Time to Reinvent Yourself

Does This Story Sound Familiar

Every Real Estate Investor and entrepreneur knows that despite our best intentions, motivation and willpower, sometimes our business grows slower than we want and deals get harder to come by. This is when you feel confused and frustrated. You realize you need help but aren’t sure where to turn. You begin to worry about payroll, overhead and changing market conditions. What used to work no longer does. If only you could get more leads! But this leads to bottlenecks, dropped balls and feeling overwhelmed. We get too busy chasing leads that we forget to build a business that can operate without our constant oversight.

​Enter REInvent 7 Figure Acceleration Program

We created the REInvent 7 Figure Acceleration Program get you 10x results with half of the effort. With the strategic and tactical performance accelerators we’ve built in, a 7 figure business is within your grasp. The program is designed to help you effortlessly leap the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs and investors specifically, no matter where you are at in your REI business.

By “reinventing” yourself with a proven path to success, you will gain the tools that empower you to create a business that truly runs with little effort on your part. In short, your systems must be clarified, and your team effectively managed and running like clockwork. That’s what will create peace of mind and it’s what you can achieve with REInvent’s 7 Figure Acceleration Program; a proven framework built for you to break free from the chains that tie you down to your business and keep your profits from exploding.

Become the Leader of Your Business

With REInvent’s 7 Figure Acceleration Program, you’ll understand how your business grows, which levers to pull, which activities to scale and which to cut out completely. You’ll be able to scale your results up while scaling your activities down by laser-focusing on only the most productive uses of time, resources and energy. As a result, you’ll transform yourself from a real estate investor to a true entrepreneurial leader of your company.

​A Clear Path to Success

Every real estate investor knows that growing his or her business can be difficult with many moving parts, including constant distractions and lack of clarity and resources. The more successful you become, the more complex your business becomes. From executing on your plan to recruiting and managing talented salespeople, structuring highly profitable creative deals, and turning dead leads into big profits, is key.

What You Can Expect

All the tools you need for10x growth with half the effort

  • 1:1 Performance and Accountability Coaching, a growing team of trained, experienced specialists, actively using the business model successfully and profitably
  • An ever-increasing ‘REInventOnly’ online community
  • A growing, members-only online Just-In-Time coaching library, constantly updated and organized to help you find what you need when you need it
  • Bi-Annual Mastermind groups for accelerated leverage with your peers and fellow members
  • Bi-monthly Technical Coaching to connect LIVE with Ray, Gary, and other Members, to get your questions answered and for the advanced education and support that YOU’VE asked for!
  • Extensive 1:1 support with trust processes, trust document templates, usage training, and more.
  • Your own R.A.P.I.D. Results Planner tool for you to capture your vision, core values, goals and plans, set metrics and track results, log status on issues and actions, in addition to some organizational and operational guidelines –all needed for you to “Take It Big” and provide you with the knowledge and confidence you want for your decision-making processes
  • Build out of member recommended processes, tools, or custom ”member only” Podioapps.

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