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Jeff Charlton

President - Graphic Connections Group, LLC

Graphic Connections Group, LLC, (GCG), was founded by Jeff Charlton, a long time successful entrepreneur. He believes long-term success is rooted in providing high quality products and service to the end consumer, at a fair price, and going the extra mile to provide a superior level of service. It’s the simple things that make a difference.

TBD - "If you’re a real estate agent/broker or have a team you’re working with, I strongly recommend Jeff Cohn. He’s one of the sharpest guys I know and he has a track record for huge returns and successes with his coaching students. He’s absolutely one of the best in the business and being #1 in the country for Berkshire Hathaway pretty much says it all." 

Gary Boomershine - CEO, (REIvault)

Replay of Jeff and Gary's Podcast

How to Find off-market Deals

TBD - In this podcast - Jeff and Gary discuss:

  • The 2 sets of “clients” you have as a team leader
  • How to zero-cost your marketing
  • How leverage works as an entrepreneur

Key Quotes:

  • "True business owners are raising money, going after bigger markets, building partnerships, and nurturing their teams."
    ~Gary Boomershine
  • "Every successful business has a coaching component within it."
    ~Jeff Cohn