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We Help Real Estate Investors Automate Their Marketing So They Can Focus On Closing More Deals With Less Stress


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Discover The Power Of A 40 Person Marketing & Sales Team...WITHOUT Having To Hire A Single Person

REIvault gives both investors and agents the power of a 40 person marketing & sales department without having to hire or manage a single person for the equivalent cost of one resource.


You provide a budget and a list of zip codes and our expert team will deliver the results you desire as a real estate entrepreneur: an abundant supply of prescreened, motivated sellers!


We are the only company that gives you the managed systems, trained shared resources and proven processes that allow you to focus on the money making activities of closing deals.


For the first time, individual investors have the ability to truly scale their businesses and reach 6 or 7 figures without having to add a single employee.

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REIvault Is... 

  • Not a home study course: Although you'll learn more about real estate investing than any course you'll buy
  • Not software:  Although we use software that makes it easy on you (we just happen to operate most of it for you)
  • Not a coaching program: Although you'll get coaching from award winning CEO coaches and mentors
  • Not a mastermind: Although you'll be mind-sharing with the most active and successful real estate investors in the country
  • Not a direct mail house:  Although we'll do all your mailing and lead generation for you at the cheapest guaranteed price, without lifting a finger.
  • Not a virtual assistant agency: Although you'll have a team of VA's doing all your work and you never have to manage a single one of them.

REIvault is unique in that it provides the best of each of services above in a single solution that shares managed resources and a team of professionals that generate leads and appointments with motivated sellers like a well-oiled machine which means you get to focus on what you do best... closing deals with motivated sellers or getting listings from these leads as an agent.

Answer This: "Do You Want To Be A Professional MARKETER... Or A Professional INVESTOR?"

Ask Yourself:  What's My TIME Really Worth?

Whether your business is large or small, you should act like the CEO you are. Your time is best spent talking to motivated sellers, solving their problems and either buying or listing their house for them.  We love building the machine that makes the phone ring. We're great at it and we can do it faster, easier and cheaper than most investors can do on their own.  So why should you reinvent the wheel and work on lesser tasks when you don't have to?

What It Really Looks Like To Work With REIvault

Many real estate investors and agents who work with us already have systems, teams, assistants and processes to create leads and turn them into deals.


But they see the value in leveraging OPR (Other People's Resources) to maximize their efforts. That's why they turn to REIvault.


Onboarding a new member happens quickly and easily and within 7-14 days, leads and appointments with sellers are being generated for you.

First, we help you determine the amount of deals you're looking to close per month in a given geographic territory and then we suggest a recommended marketing budget based on statistics used with over 250 investors generating 150,000 seller leads per year.

When we are in alignment on how many deals you're looking to close per month, we go to work with your marketing budget and our team.


Behind the scenes is a well-oiled team of managers and virtual expert assistants that we have hired, trained and manage to make certain that the proven systems create predictable results month in and month out.

This involves us pulling lists, deciding which marketing materials to send for best results, working with our mail-house and responding to incoming seller calls using a proven script that helps determine seller-readiness and motivation.


We then deliver a consistent supply of qualified “appointments” (not just leads) with pre-screened, motivated and ready sellers that you can close.

This is accomplished through the use of highly-responsive direct mail marketing campaigns with postcards and letters with marketing copy that is proven to generate leads.

Then our phone team of Sales Ninja's goes to work qualifying and screening the leads for motivation, readiness to sell or hear an offer and gathering information on the property.


Next, each lead is entered into a simple but robust custom PODIO CRM where are investor-members access to view the leads they received and any notes from the phone team.

(Sometimes our investors have their own phone and acquisitions team in place to handle this part, which still fits perfectly with our system).


If sellers aren’t ready for an appointment after the first call, they enter our automated... “No Seller Left Behind” follow up system which automatically sends them letters, postcards, text messages and Sly Broadcasts every month.

This follow up system has been the single most effective process at turning cold leads into hot deals. Because of the amount of work involved in setting up a proper follow up system, many investors ignore this and miss out on 80% of the deals they could have closed if it were in place.

This is almost completely hands-off, set-and-forget for our investors.


Consistent improvement keeps deals flowing in. Every month we assess what worked best for your business and make any necessary adjustments, which might mean the source of leads or helping you better work with the leads your given.

Often, the biggest return on investment comes from our ongoing training and support that helps our investors get better at negotiating and closing deals when they get qualified sellers on the phone.

Diving Deeper Into The Benefits Of REIvault

The bottom line is that REIvault relieves the burden of building and managing a full scale marketing and sales department by sharing the systems, resources services that we've built and utilize for our members.

But in addition to someone to just "do it all for you" there's other major benefits to working with REIvault...

Lowest Mail Rates... Guaranteed

Postcards for as little as 36¢ and Yellow Letters for as little as 50¢ or less AND can include phone number, minutes, voicemail transcription, & text messages.

Over 27 Million

Pieces of Mail Sent

Approx 100,000 Pieces mailed each day via USPS

We're not only the biggest direct mailer for real estate investors, we produce more leads than any other investment company. And if we can't do it for less than your mail house, we'll use them.

Qualifying Your Sellers

Whether it's YOU, your phone team or an acquisitions manager talking to sellers, we help you sharpen you skills and close more deals...


  • Turn any lead processor or VA into your personal Sales Ninja
  • Get your team ready and trained in minutes, not weeks or months
  • Use 5+ proven scripts for cold calling, follow-up, and lead qualification
  • Full integration into REIvcault Podio System
  • Developed and used by some of the top real estate professionals in the industry


OR Use OUR Phone Team

Getting leads to call is only half the battle. What happens on the phone, to qualify and create rapport is what closes deals. But handling every phone call yourself can be an exhausting waste of time.

That's why we build the Sales Ninja Phone Team to serve as your own professionally trained and experienced team of "inside sales agents."

Our Sales Ninja Phone Team professionals are highly trained and scripted. They cover all time zones 24/7. Imagine the results you'll get from having a dedicated team that is continuously calling, screening, qualifying, appointment setting, and following up on all your leads.

Plus, it's all automated and managed for you.


  • Seller leads are automatically "pushed" to the phone team where the leads are worked for you
  • Inbound calls can be answered live for you
  • Call back hang-ups until they're reached
  • check
    Call back good leads and screen, qualify and schedule appointments for you
  • Outbound cold calling from our proprietary lists, new lists or ones you provide automatically scrubbed against the "Do Not Call" list
  • Proven scripts
  • Weekly activity reports
  • check
    Utilize and autodialer system to get 10x the results with 1/2 the effort

What's Included

  • 5+ 'Pre-built' Sales Ninja Webforms Scripts
  • Leads automatically 'Pushed' to Sales Ninjas
  • Leads automatically 'Removed' from Sales Ninjas
  • Local Outbound # matching Sellers Area Code
  • dot-circle-o
    Instant manual 'Push' of Seller Leads from Podio
  • dot-circle-o
    Instant manual 'Remove' of Seller Leads from Podio
  • dot-circle-o
    Podio Integrated with Five9 Autodialer
  • dot-circle-o
    Lead worked continuously until contact is made
  • dot-circle-o
    Weekly Call Reports
  • dot-circle-o
    Weekly Change of Outbound Phone Numbers
  • Dials/Live Connection Data into Scorecard (REInvent Only)
  • Sales Ninja Manager Weekly Office Hours
  • Optional Appointment Setting to Your Calendar
  • Automatic notification when Max Lead Limit Reached
  • dot-circle-o
    Optional pause option when Max Lead Limit Reached
  • dot-circle-o
    Tiered Pricing when Max Lead Limit Reached
  • dot-circle-o
    Higher volume Lead Packages available (20-30% discounts)
  • dot-circle-o
    Direct Connection to Sales Ninja(s)
  • dot-circle-o
    Outbound Cold Calling New Lists

You Know The Fortune's In The FOLLOW UP

Our No-Seller-Left-Behind System Guarantees That Lucrative Deals

Don't Slip Through The Cracks


Stop leaving money on
the table.

We have found that 80% of deals close between the 5th and 12th contact with the seller.


Our Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow-up Campaign System automatically keeps your offer in front of them long after other investors have stopped following up and is responsible for more closed deals with less effort.


And it's push-button easy.

Campaign Management

When the lead status changes, it triggers a new campaign to go out

Done-For You
All sales copy and content is pre-written and proven!

There are dozens of prebuilt follow-up campaigns plus a customizable option

Additional Benefits To Working With REIvault

  • Exclusive Mastermind for members collaborating and sharing what's working now so we can all get stronger together
  • Weekly Group Huddle Calls from the success team to ensure questions and answered and new developments are shared
  • Live Annual Summits
  • check
    Executive and CEO coaching to help you streamline your mindset, operations and entrepreneurial skillset
  • check
    In-depth CEO Dashboard giving you custom Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and metrics so you always have a pulse on your business
  • check
    Easy to use and custom PODIO CRM managed and maintained for you

Here's What Our Members Are Saying

They may be biased, but that's because they're closing more

deals with less effort than ever before.




















Frequently Asked Questions

Trying to determine if a new resource is right for you can be challenging.  That's why we answered a few of the most frequently asked questions below.  Simply click on the grey box below and the answer will appear.  Then click the button at the bottom of the page to set up a time to speak with us.

How do I know that your lists are any better than mine or another company's?

I already have a team, why do I need you?

How long do I have to commit to membership?

How does this compare to a software that automates all my follow up?

What do most investors/agents like most about REIvault?

If I'm just beginning to invest and don't have a team or a lot of experience, is this right for me?

How steep is the learning curve with REIvault's systems and teams

How many people do I have to manage?

How Much Does It Cost To 
Leverage REIvault's Team?

Because each investor comes to us with different resources already in place, we offer multiple options for them to join our ranks, leverage our resources and generate results.


We do not price our program based on time, leads or deals.   We also do not take a percentage of each deal closed.


Instead, we built a fully functional team that can do everything promised and our members invest the approximate cost of hiring one (1) full time assistant making minimum wage. 


In fact, one or two closed deals per year could easily pay for 12 months of working with us.


Plus the investment is far less than the average industry mastermind or coaching program that simply tells you what to do and sends you off to figure it out on your own.


As such, since our primary mission is to deliver you qualified, motivated appointments with motivated sellers, most of our investors realize a significant return on investment since they know they can close deals if they're talking to the right person.

What Is My Long Term Commitment?

The majority of our members have been with us for years, seeing REIvault as an integral member of their team.

However, there are no long term commitments to joining our ranks and testing our systems, resources and results. This is not a year-long commitment.

In fact, if after just One Quarter, you feel as though we aren't helping you close more deals with less effort, you're free to part ways.

However, smart investors know that because the fortune is in the follow up, the majority of leads don't turn into deals until after multiple contacts and that usually happens in the first 90 days to see the best results.

How Do I Know If We're Right For Each Other?

Who This Is A Good Fit For

REIvault is an exclusive, invite-only service for investors who meet the following criteria

  • Active, serious or committed investors who are are currently marketing for motivated sellers in their markets.
  • Investors who understand that to scale a business up effectively they must leverage systems, processes and teams so that they may focus on revenue generating activities
  • Investors who understand how to talk to motivated sellers when put on the phone with them (our systems and services guarantee a large amount of seller leads and ideal members are comfortable talking to sellers).
  • check
    Investors who are tired of working “in” their business instead of “on” their business.

Who This Is NOT A Good Fit For

  • If you are brand new to real estate investing, have never done a deal and don’t actively market for motivated sellers now, we may not be a good fit because the key to getting a good return on investment is the confidence you have to close appointments with motivated sellers.  If you lack experience but have confidence you can close deals, feel free to apply and we'll see if it's right for you.
  • Investors with zero marketing budget or resources to invest in lead generation and business systems.  This is for investors who understand it take money to make money and are willing and able to invest in marketing for deals.
  • Scarcity-minded or know-it-all investors who wish to micromanage every aspect of their business and refuse to accept guidance.
  • check
    Investors who are unwilling to collaborate with non-competitive members inside REIvault, sharing what’s working best and helping others by sharing their knowledge.

How Do I Join REIvault And Leverage The Team & Resources For My Business?

Since REIvault is not a marketing agency or a mail house, it's not possible to simply hire us. We are a collective of real estate investors sharing services, resources, systems and best practices. Additionally, we operate with semi-exclusive geographical territories so we ensure that investors aren't competing with each other in the same market.


For these reasons we have a simple application and zero-pressure interview process as outlined below.

Step 1:  Schedule A Free Strategy Assessment

  • You like what you've seen in our (on demanding) training, listened to our success stories and read through the FAQ's and it looks like becoming a member of REIvault can add massive value to your business. Simply schedule an appointment and we'll answer any remaining questions you have while we determine if there's a mutually beneficial fit.

  • After you schedule your appointment we'll ask you a series of simple questions about your existing business to best prepare for our call together.

Step 2:  During Your Strategy Assessment

  • On our call, we will review your application together and answer any questions you may have about REIvault.
  • We'll share our insider knowledge of the real estate market and help you analyze your current business model and marketing budget to determine the best strategy for success.
  • Finally, we discuss your level of contribution to the group and the value of helping each other grow and prosper.

  • Important:  We will not try to persuade you to join REIvault unless we feel it's a mutual fit.  You'll receive zero high-pressure sales tactics or manipulation.  

  • We invest an extraordinarily large amount of time, money and resources for every new member and it's important that we feel having you onboard will be as good of a return on investment for us as we are for you.

Step 3:  Onboarding And Campaign Launch

  • Upon mutual acceptance of your membership, we will give you access to the private members portal with the Fast-Start onboard training, assign your client success manager and begin building out the resources for your specific campaigns.

  • We will walk you through every step to ensure you understand how it works and how to best work together.

  • You can expect leads to begin rolling into your account in approximately 7 days from this point.

  • We'll be at your service to answer any questions and get you closing deals quicker and easier than ever before. 

See Enough?  Let's Schedule A Time To Talk...

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