Would You Like Experienced, Well-Trained,
On Shore Phone Team to Qualify and Follow Up On All Your Leads?

Introducing: REIvault Sales Ninja 

Using Elsa's VirtualOfficeVA Phone Team

After getting continuous requests from the REIvault member community and other partners in the real estate niche, we've decided to tackle and solve one of the most critical functions for our members:  Lead Processing, Qualifying and Follow-up.  We are now offering Elsa's VirtualOfficeVAs, a team of trusted and managed, crackerjack, fully trained and competent sales VAs versus doing it yourself with higher quality results.

The reality of closing deals is that it takes follow up, and sometimes, a lot of it. This is in addition to continuous follow up letters, text messages and SlyBroadcast message!

Most of our members need all their hang-ups called too, converting them into a deal. We don’t recommend that YOU personally do this, but there are good leads to be had in hang-ups, if someone else is calling them, so it is definitely worth having someone work them.

That’s where REIvault Sales Ninja and Elsa's VirtualOffice VA Team comes in. They can:

  • Take your inbound calls live for you ("shock & awe" campaign will first start with a pre-recorded message)
  • Do outbound calling of FSBO leads. They find leads for you from Craigslist, etc.
  • Call back the hang-ups
  • Call back all hang-ups and all inbound leads to qualify them
  • Call your follow up leads
  • Continue to work your follow ups ongoing monthly
  • Provide you weekly reports of all their activity (special add on by all of us)

We can plug REIvault Sales Ninja and Elsa's VirtualOfficeVA Phone Team into your system, and you can have their well trained, experienced VA’s begin calling hang ups and following up on leads for you in less than 10 days.

Elsa's VirtualOffice VA Phone Team are highly trained and scripted USA based to cover all time zones 24/7.  There is no other service in our niche offering this service. 

They charge an affordable $21.40 per hour (with a 5 hour minimum.) Try them out for yourself and see how much time they save you, how well they perform and what kind of results they get for you!

*Note: Special technology and phone systems were built and needed for our Sales Ninja team to integrate to Podio, including auto-dialer technology. There is a  $497 setup fee plus $97 monthly, for this add-on.